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NOTE: After bypassing, to go to a website by was previously requested (then blocked), you will need to click the "reload" or "refresh" button on the top of the browser. Click this button two or three times (if using Netscape, press the "shift" and "reload" at the same time). This command is needed to clear your computers internal cache. The cache remembers the site that you requested and then returns the same Warning Flag. If this fails to work, then manually clear the cache. (ie. Netscape is View/Options/Advanced) Once you have cleared your cache, the website can then be accessed. Use your computers internal Help under the index "cache" if you are not able to find the clear cache command.

To Obtain or Modify a Bypass Password: Your bypass password is usually assigned to you during the original account sign-up. If you desire a reassignment of your current password, you may notify support and request a new password. NOTE: Always choose a word that is NOT contained in the dictionary and is not easy to guess (ie. street numbers, maiden name, social security no., etc.). Our staff will call you to verify your identity.

For security reasons, bypass passwords are not provided over the telephone. The cost of a new or reassignment of a password by ClearSail's staff, which includes a security check, and programming of the password is $15.00. Passwords are available to all accounts and only to the account owner. Children or other unauthorized persons requesting passwords, such requests will be denied and will be reported to the account owner.

Cancel Bypass Time: You may at any time "cancel" the bypass by going to the bottom of any page and clicking on "cancel" on the bypass flag.

To Permanently Remove a Bypass Password: You may remove your password permanently by eMailing support and requesting same. There is no charge for this service.

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